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Admissions... Confessions...

Ok. I am totally smitten by this song, and the video isn't half bad either. So, all together now "If I was from Paris..."

Ordinary Man vs Happy Idiot

A few weeks back while mowing the lawn I concluded that everyone should want to be me.

Here's the scene. I'm pushing  the mower across the front lawn in 90+ degree heat, drenched with sweat, listening to some iPod music - exhausted - it occurs to me that I have a modest life. I have a modest home and car both with loans. I'm doing my own lawn work. I'm short, have arthritis, am going bald and I'm over 1/2 a century old. But here's the kicker - I'm deeply happy.

From the outside looking in you might miss it, but I have a wonderful, enjoyable, modest, ordinary life. More of my days are about peace, laughter, satisfaction and joy than not. Yes, I've concluded everyone should want to be me.

Of course, it could be I was permanently affected by the heat and am now just a "happy idiot." I like it.

Work Out Music

So, a friend's question about what workout songs I liked, got me thinking. What are your favorite work-out tunes?

Some of mine are:

1. Bad to the Bone - George Thurgood

2. Crush - Dave Matthews

3. Because I Can - P!nk

4.  Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood

What about you? What's on your iPod?