Wishful Preaching- The Book!

A little bit of preaching, a dash of irreverence, and a healthy measure of humor - Let me introduce you to "Wishful Preaching - Things I Wish I'd Said from the Pulpit! " This ain't your grandmother's sermons. E-book now available on Amazon.

Now Available on Amazon

Now Available on Amazon

A Personal Invitation from the Author

Let me begin by saying I had the privilege of standing in the pulpit on a weekly basis for more than 15 years. That privilege was a great gift. People would allow me to stand before them and talk about the most significant thing in their lives. It was always an honor to preach and I am ever aware of the painful loss of that privilege - even though that loss was exactly what I needed.

This book is about what I discovered in my 'fall' from the pulpit and the subsequent life based leanings. This learning has lead me to consider that there might just be a few things I wish I'd said from the pulpit.. You will be challenged to hear some things in different ways, in ways that might really challenge you, even make you steaming, righteous mad. Sound fun? -Kim Williams, M.Div.

Wishful Preaching - Reviews Are In!

"Fresh Insight, Humor and Inspiration..."

"This is the "un-preaching" book that moves beyond Sunday sermons into thoughtful but witty bite sized "YES!" moments. Yes, you'll think "Why doesn't MY pastor talk about this?" and that's the point - most don't...

"This book is different, and quite often delightful. Who could fail to sport at least a wry smile at the writer's then-four-year-old nephew as he offers his very own spin on saying grace: "God is grape, God is good. Let us spank him for our food"?...

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All of that said, I invite you to brace yourself, grab the book and hang on. As I preach and you hear we might just create a bit of a mess, and like the mess make when we shift, stir and blend our way through a good recipe – we could cook up something pretty saucy.
— Kim Williams