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Christmas Gift Ideas #5 - Big Boss Baking

Big Boss Baking Company! They have the absolute BEST granola on the planet. Buy a bunch and use them as last minute gift giving options.

Local Triad NC couple Lavinia and Rodney have gone GOOD! They actually upgraded there garage to a commercial kitchen and so everything is literally "homemade!" I'm not sure what they put in their granola but it's so good that The Fresh Market has picked it up for their stores.

It's a great gift!

Gift Ideas #4 - Donate and Send a Card

Looking for a good way to thank a business client or a long-distance contact during Christmas?

Let Crisis Control Ministry save you time during this busy holiday season! Place a Holiday Honor Card order and we will give you a little more time to spend with family and friends.

For a minimum donation of $5 per card, Crisis Control Ministry will beautifully hand address, stamp with a holiday stamp and mail your cards for you, giving you more time to enjoy the holidays. If you prefer to address and sign the cards yourself, they can mail them to you.

Gift Ideas #3 - Dirt to Shirt!

I met Eric Henry of TS Designs the evening his company received the Green Business of the Year award from the Piedmont Environmental Alliance.

TS Designs has a unique "Dirt to Shirt" program that creates a 100% organic cotton t-shirt from the growing of the cotton to the finial printed t-shirt within a few hundred miles - all in North Carolina. Each shirt comes with a unique code that you can use to track and 'meet' the growers, weavers and printers involved in your shirt!

You can get your very own Dirt to Shirt Tee right off their website. What a great gift to spur conversation and local pride!

Gift Ideas #2 - Boardroom Socks

I met these folks earlier this year and they changed my life. Any man knows that shopping for socks is an all out evil way to spend more than 5 minutes. What is more, I have never been able to find the socks that felt right, stayed up and look professional for more than a wash or two. No more!

Boardroom Socks sells men's dress socks sewn right here in the USA. I checked the website and then spoke with customer service and discovered I'd been wearing the wrong sock my ENTIRE life. I'm a short man with strong legs - you imagine from there. My socks never stay up. Enter the solution - an over the calf sock from these wonderful folks. OK  so maybe I'm overreacting, but I love these socks!

Buy a pair and give them as a gift. Dare you!

Gift Idea #1 - SPRiSH Tees!

Here come the gift ideas. For the wild woman (women?) in your life, why not go with an Sexy, Savvy t-shirt? Local entrepreneur and business woman, Blanca Cobb launched this line of clever and witty tees last year. She even invented a new word to describe the intent of her products: SPRiSH! 

Are you SPRiSH enough? Dare you to ware it!