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Change vs Metamorphosis

We often find, in the most common of things, the familiar moments, our greatest experience of revelation.

The quiet of a morning coffee while listening to the birds wake.
The pauses between conversations between lovers
           Beach strolls
                               Woodland walks
  Floating in a pond
                                               Porch sitting
     Surf wading...

Yet, we seek, nay demand change, movement in and around us as incessantly as the manic hummingbird, flitting from blossom to bloom sipping the momentary fuel needed for continued frenzy. We flip from screen to screen, between search and video, then off to tap texts and slide photos, with the occasional glance up to orient ourselves and then we are off again. We look to move and shake from job to job or better still - career to career - thinly skimming the darker pools below our wake, surface dwelling, unwilling to sink, float down to those deep abysses... relationships, partnerships, compromises, sacrifices, commitments...scary places. Long term, staying places. 

Metamorphosis, the transforming change that our very spirit seeks comes after the stillness, the cocooning of what we are and then...well then...the miracle happens. We become more. Different. Progressed.

It seems we are determined to churn, churn and flit about. As if our churning and yearning for change for change sake will somehow quench our thirst for becoming more, for growing. It can't. 

We need the rebirth that comes from the sedentary stillness of time moving around us, of the processing of knowledge into understanding, of the merger of people in meaningful connection.  

So, dear reader, what do you think? What means of metamorphosis have you found?

2013 Tech Briefing via @WSChamber, September 12th!

If you interested in innovation, our local economy, and where our community is headed – the Tech Briefing is for you. I hope to see you there!

The 12th Annual Tech Briefing

Thursday, September 12, 2013 from 8:00 - 9:30 a.m. Reception follows.

Opening the Chamber’s Business & Innovation Expo!

Benton Convention Center, Lower Level

301 West Fifth Street

Winston-Salem, NC  27101 (Park in the Deck at 6th and Cherry Street)

Free!  Just register to attend here:

The Tech Briefing is an entertaining, informative, and fast-moving event open to the public and appealing to a broad audience. It is not a dull science conference.  We feature ten presenters who each speak for just five minutes about their innovative technologies, designs and products.

We feature biotechnology, nanotechnology, and information technologies. But we also feature new products for our home, new solutions to improve our health, and better ways to educate our children. These are innovations that are improving all our lives and they are being created here in our community. People always leave the Tech Briefing saying, “Wow! I had no idea things like that are happening right here in Winston-Salem!” 

The Tech Briefing is Presented by Cook Medical and Sponsored by DataChambers; Kilpatrick Townsend; and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

The 2013 Presenters Are:

Advanced Fraud Solutions; The BioBook  - from Wake Forest University; Global Future Solutions US; Green Cycle Design Group; HCEC, LLC; Laudiss Labs; Novant Health; SECCA; Wake Forest Innovations; West Third Street Media

The Tech Briefing opens the Chamber’s Business and Innovation Expo. This is our local community's annual trade-show and the Chamber’s biggest event of the year. Be sure to plan to stay to visit all the exhibitors and sample the free food at the BB&T Midday Mingle!