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Best #WordPlay I've Seen in LONG While

24 Brilliant New Words That Must Be Added To A Dictionary.... courtesy of the folks at demilked. 

The Craft of Written Communication - via Helen Keller

I grew up under the heroism of Helen Keller.   The author of over 12 books and an outspoken political activist, Helen Keller was deaf and blind. Her amazing story of self discovery and development was enshrined in the play The Miracle Worker. For my generation, Helen Keller was the incarnation of hope for overcoming even the stiffest of personal obstacles.

A few weeks ago, while on a speaking trip to the Grove Park Inn, I was able to drop by the Biltmore Factory Museum and spotted a preserved  letter pend by Helen Keller. I was moved by both the eloquence of her communication and the poignancy of the life situation from which she wrote. 


We just don't value the craft of written communication like we once did.

Being Mythical

A myth is a truth that is larger than fact. The details may or may not be factual, but that's not the point. 


Myths are for when our reality falls short. Filled with archetypal images, haunting tragedy and wondrous victories they inspire and taunt us. We need them to carry us beyond the stark sterile data of our living and lift us beyond ourselves, beyond our comfortable or excruciatingly painful today. Myths tell us of extraordinary happenings among ordinary people. They help us discover our own extra-ordinary existence. Yet, we often discount the power of myth.

More than once I've heard the statement "Don't believe that, it's a myth!" The implication is that myths are lies, fabrications that we need to discount or relegate the position of fable, children's stories that might well entertain us but must be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. Myths are not facts and facts are the realm of adult, mature and important people.  And so this myth about myths gets promoted. 

Meanwhile, Countless books are making their way into the business world about the power of story to market and grow your business. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

Seth Godin – All Marketers Are Liars

Bernadette Jiwa – The Fortune Cookie Principle

Daniel Pink – To Sell Is Human

Chip and Dan Health – Made To Stick

Each of these works taps the truth that once we are connected to a product or brand by our own experience, our own mythical images and understandings, we are hooked. While I may not buy some newly branded, unknown shoes, give me a story about how each of the shoes I buy provides shoes to children in poor counties, and I'm sold! Story sells. Well it markets at least. 


Image from Deviant Art

Image from Deviant Art

Myths are stories that have been successful, over time, in marketing a particular idea or passing an ethical code of conduct from one generation to the next. Myths are enduring, largely because we believe them, we believe the larger truth that they tell. 







Said poetically...

Myths are made of misfortune

Reasoned out by those who failed

and Survived

then Thrived

Myths are tall tales of adventure

Carried on by those misled

and Corrected

then wised

Myths are truer than facts

Recorded by scholars who succeed

and die

then forget

Myths are larger than reality

Confounded by dreams remembered

for eternity

Myths then, are story that serve us with a message somehow contained in the telling and retelling of itself – messages that help grow us. Be nice to the next myth you hear. It may be just the tale you need. 

10 Words Thanks to SciFi

Ran into this neat little slide share over at Dictionary dot com.  


Seems that Robotics, Time Travel, Zero G, and many other 'common' science terms began as science fiction fantasy. Let's hope the BORG aren't on their way.