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Achilles Heel? What?

I was speaking to a room of business owners and referred casually to a chronic problem as the 'Achilles Heel' of many sales professionals. I noticed a few tentative, confused expressions among the attendees.

Later I spoke privately with one of them and ask if she had a concern with my referring to that particular problem as significant. She said no. However, she wanted me to explain what an Achilles Heel meant.

I grew up on ancient mythology. I read The Odyssey in elementary school. I watched Sunday afternoon movies about Hercules and Ulysses. I was surprised that this individual and as it turned out, three other people in the group admitted to not knowing the reference. Another person "got it" only because he had seen Brad Pitt play Achilles  in the movie Troy.

It makes me wonder if the lessons once so commonly learned from classic literature are being neglected and thus lost? I've written before here on the value of myth for our learning and understanding of life perspective. 

Do you know the story of Achilles? Does Cerberus make you tremble? Ask a 'kid' about one of these ancient heroes and see if they've heard of them. I'm curious.