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Miasma Episode I

NOTE: This is a creative writing piece and could be one of a series that creates a fantasy character to allow for observational prose...

My name is Miasma. Actually, Miasma isn't my real name and if I tried to tell you my real name your ears would not hear it nor would your mind grasp it, so for you and the world you see, I am Miasma.

I am a watcher of people and their things for in my watching I find some degree of comfort, some measure of essence that I would otherwise lose and soon I might fade beyond the reach of this world. I cannot touch it or you anymore, so I watch. My presence is veiled to you, no more than the wisp of a cloud or the last mist of a spring morning. I can only watch. I watch the beauty and the ugliness.

Today I watch her, this child with brilliant blue eyes, dancing with light. If you would see her you would most likely be so struck by the particular shade of azure blue brimming from her eyes that you might miss the truly brilliant light that is her eagerness of being as it radiates into the world around her. Yes, I see this radiance. Some might discount her shine as youthful and untainted enthusiasm, but I know better. I have seen this before and today as I watch her trace her fingers along the cracked mortar between the smooth wall stones, I know that this youngling is a rare and delicate version among your kind. She hums a simple tune, one that rises from her inner being and as her wordless song touches the air and all around her I feel the urge to bow, I and every form of life around her would sway upon her song if she only wished it so. She doesn't, for she doesn't know how, yet...

Poetry Re-Post: Entanglement

By the last micro thread of the spider’s web
In a delicate balancing between desire to be free
From the casket of this cocoon
And to be safe from the fall to the ground

How came I upon this entanglement
But by little things, single threads of erroneous
Quiet discontentment resting feather-light
Clinging unassumingly to the sleeve of my façade


Movement through my own self
Became hindered and slowly, progressed to
Halting proportions lost in one immobile
Suspended by the last filament of my attachment

To you

(originally posted 1/9/09)

Surprising Naked Clicks

I just visited a favorite blog of mine and found nothing but content inviting me to porn.

There is a very popular blog I've followed for a few years maintained by a snarky, humorous and creative woman. I visit there occasionally. The blog has thousands of followers.

Today I went there only to discovery that the entire blog - content, ads, photos - had been taken over by advertisements for porn sites!

The aggravating thing is that I don't know if the author sold out, or let the domain expire only to have it picked up by an adult industry cyber squatter. Either way, a very good blog is gone.

Sometimes I hate the Internet.

Announcing Triad Moms on Main!

A NEW BLOG!! For those of you who have not heard the news, Katie, Rachel and Allison (formerly of Triad Smarty Pants) have joined together to launch a brand new site for moms in the Triad! They are called Triad Moms on Main and are here to bring you EVERYTHING you want and need to know about being a mom, raising a family, finding great deals and taking care of yourself.

Drop over and visit them. Please tell them I said hello - because they need to know that this dad promotes moms!?

Go on now, click over...

What I learned Yesterday

Is always
The best option
When accosted
By beauty


Silence's Voice

Such a wondrous, bellowing creature is silence.
Screaming prerecorded messages
Demands for fulfillment
of parental needs

An eccentric racket, noisy nymph
Promoting historic agendas
Commands for realizing
Ancestors' wants

Such a wondrous, noisy nymph
Is Silence
Personally, I'm inclined to hear whispers more

Brookgreen Gardens Series - Chapter 3, Women

Two beautiful statues depicting women adorned separate sections of the large sculpture meadow at Brookgreen Gardens. Both are shown below. The first is a work in memory of a young woman who volunteered at an asylum. Her untimely death prompted the artist to capture her compassion and joy.  the second piece is a modern representation of women. There is no interpretation of the work provided and I'll leave it to you to create your own from the experience of the art.

From Dusk to Dawn

From Dusk to Dawn

Before dawn
The moon looms
Bright, bold
Shining through the film
Of clouds
Sliding across her
Like lace gliding off your
Last night…

An Open Letter to Hallmark

Dear Hallmark:

Thank you for your wide and creative selection of cards. As a man, it is most helpful that you provide me with cards that speak of love, commitment, passion and adoration between a husband and wife. At each season and holiday, when I reach to purchase a card – I am glad you have thought through these details for me.

I would like to make one request, however. Can you please not design these cards to appeal to me just in order to sell them? Yes, I like brown, tan and other earth tone colors. I am a bit uncomfortable holding flowery, glitter laden and sparkling cards that sing love songs. And yet, even at the risk of making me uncomfortable can you NOT design any cards that will result in my wife saying – “How nice. You picked this one because you like the colors – didn’t you?” I promise I will buy whatever you sell, just help me out will you?



10 Observations from Novice Yoga Class

Innocently, I attended my wife’s Yoga class Christmas party in December and found myself the winner of a 6 free Yoga classes door prize. Not to be wasteful, I offered the prize to her. Being the kind, beneficent and mean person that she is, my wife assured me that it was only good for me to use. Last night was the first “novice” Yoga class available since then, and I attended.

10 Observations from Novice Yoga Class

1. If I was 25 years old and single – Novice Yoga class is the place to be. 17 students. Two males.

2. Women KNOW men are nervous about Yoga. I’m just saying.

3. Yoga is a very personal experience that blends mental, physical and spiritual activity.

4. Yoga makes you thirsty – take water.

5. If I was 25 years old and single – Novice Yoga class is the place to be. 17 students. Two males.

6. Men, say what you will, but Yoga – even Novice Yoga - “isn’t for wimps.”

7. I’m already sore in place I didn’t know I had (or forgot about).

8. If I was 25 years old and single – Novice Yoga class is the place to be. 17 students. Two males.

9. The Yoga Gallery in Winston-Salem, NC is a kind place.

10. I’ll be going to all of the free classes, (and did I mention, if I was 25 years old and single – Novice Yoga class is the place to be).