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See Peter Frampton in Greensboro - Help A Charity

Here's what you need to know. You can help kids by attending a Peter Frampton concert in Greensboro, NC on August 10. The link below has all the details. I'm going. Care to join me? The pre-party will be lots of fun, too.

Happy Birthday to Kim Williams!

May 2, 1958! Old Guys Rule!

The Fire Pink Trio, Winston Salem, NC - January 31st

Pardon the convolution, but because of someone I know, who knows someone who plays classical music (at a very advanced level) with two other someones - I've discovered "The Fire Pink Trio."

Based right here in Winston-Salem, this trio of musicians brings a classical zest and tactical expertise to their music so pervasively that even untrained ears like mine can appreciate the beauty of sound generated by these women. You can hear and see some of their work on The Fire Pink Trio website.

What is more, you can hear them live on January 31st at The University of North Carolina School of The Arts, Watson Hall-Faculty Recital.

8 Tracks and Cassettes Live

I grew up with 8 Track and Cassette tapes. What we did - way back then - was often make recordings of our favorite music and share it with others by sharing the tape. Fast forward and enter the world of Using a legal platform, the folks at let you arrange your favorite play lists and then post them to share with others. You can discover and follow your favorite DJs. Here's one I found recently that is right up my music alley today! Enjoy!


Amazing 90 Year Old Voice

My Mother In Law - at 90 years old! Enjoy.

Admissions... Confessions...

Ok. I am totally smitten by this song, and the video isn't half bad either. So, all together now "If I was from Paris..."

A Feast for the Heart

The evening was a perfect combination of timely ingredients. A feast to be remembered.

Take a beautifully renovated auditorium rooted in the early 1900's and fill it with musically gifted minds, voices and astute ears. Toss in a healthy portion of civic pride and humble appreciation. Then add a symphony of dedicated, rehearsed and talented musicians poised to exceed themselves. Let the anticipation brew. Add one vibrant conductor and then dare to introduce one of the finest and proven voices to grace a public stage. Feast.

Last evening I sat with family and friends and saw and heard the most wonderful musical performance of my life. Frankly, I am still stunned beyond words this morning. Renee' Fleming dared to visit this simple town and the reception and appreciation she was given was second only to her incomparable performance.

Thank you Renee' Fleming.

Thank you Winston-Salem Symphony, donors, sponsors, citizens and - lastly but foremost - my wife (she made me do it).

Details here.

Getting Down Uptown

We are fortunate that our city has multiple outdoor music events uptown during the summer months. Last weekend my wife and I attended one of the Summer on Trade events. We had a good time, but the little guy below was hands-down having the best time of us all.

A Glimpse at My Weekend

Regarding the Oil Spill in the Gulf, USA

A moment of consideration brought to you by Natalie Merchant: