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A Call to Robust Living - Reposted

“My prayer is not the whimpering of a beggar nor a confession of love. Nor is it the trivial reckoning of a small tradesman: Give me and I shall give you.

My prayer is the report of a soldier to his general: This is what I did today, this is how I fought to save the entire battle in my own sector, these are the obstacles I found, this is how I plan to fight tomorrow… ‘Leader!’ I cry. He turns his face towards me, and I shudder to confront his anguish.

Our love for each other is rough and ready, we sit at the same table, we drink the same wine in this low tavern of life.”

--“The Saviors of God: Spiritual Exercises” by Nikos Kazantzakis

I am truly a fan of Tolkien's ‘The Lord of The Rings” trilogy. I remember spending hours upon hours tucked quietly in my college dorm room, devouring words upon words, page after page as the fantastic saga unfolded and I journeyed with the heroes of Middle Earth in their quests for victory. In the films of the past few years, we have seen the cinematic adaptation of this tale, and I find myself equally enthralled again with Tolkien's message.

Be it the battles of Elves and Orcs, the magical sparring of light wielding Wizards, or the inner struggle of the spirits of Hobbits and a solitary Gollum, the quest and it’s urgency is the same: Avoid the malformed power of the ring until it can be destroyed, at all costs. The heroes know the importance of that last phrase, ‘at all costs.’ Each is willing to, and some in turn do, give their very life for this cause. It is a wonderful drama of the high cost of noble victory.

It is this urgency that I hear in the words of Nikos Kazantzakis written above. If indeed, as I believe is the case, we humans are in need of help beyond ourselves in order to fulfill the beauty of this human drama, and if we are destined to suffer and fail along the way without this help, then there is an equal sense of urgency about our quest as is that of the soldier and the heroes of Tolkien's tale. All the more, If the quest for this assistance is a path that is known by some and open to others, and yet, is never made clear, how can the battle be won?

How tempting it is to tuck into the safety of Bilbo Baggins’ shire (for adventures make one late for dinner) or to hide in the security of the establishment office, for there we feel safe. Might we be missing the more important call for action?

I do not claim to know THE way that anyone should live, but what I do know is that I am committed to the journey toward The Divine, that power that aids and guides me. Do I travel in too scarce a number today? Should I not pause by the road, and share a bit of the tale that has brought me thus far? Can I not beckon others onward to their journey as well? I am made to ask of myself today, “What report can I give to God, today?”

The Other Side of Kim - Kim the Preacher

Some of you may know that I spent 15 years as a pastor with a mainline denomination. It's true. I want to let the readers here know about a new blog I'm running to focus on matters of a religious and spiritual nature.

preaching and religion

My thought, as my life has change in the decade since I left ordained ministry, is that there are things I wish I had said from the pulpit. No regrets - just a former pastor's way of sharing about crazed religion, absurd theology and hilarious stories. Let me invite you to 

You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook.

Why Our Education No Longer Works...and the ADD non-epidemic

Great video. Content and presentation are worth viewing...many times.

If I May Speak Frankly - The 4 Demands of Joy

Dear Readers:

I hope I'm not imposing.. I'd like your awareness of a new project. 

The 4 Demands of Joy marks the culmination of 30+ years of work and thought in the area of life, love and spirituality.

My bio will give you some of the details of my life journey and explain some of the education and work experiences that have brought me to a new and helpful way to embrace more Joy in your life.

Please visit the temporary website ( and the Facebook page (give us a 'like' won't you?)

Also, if you would care to promote this via your own Social and Blog world - well, so much the better.

If you are personally interested in the January class, let me know and I can answer any questions that you might have.

I now return you to the regularly scheduled Kim's Korner...

5 Week Class in 2011

For a long time (meaning more than 10 years) I've been trying to articulate an assortment of thoughts, ideas, and theories about one of the biggest challenges face in life: the ability to find and maintain joy.

I have put together some research and designed an interactive experience to share with others. The end result is that I have the privilege to offer a workshop over a five week period in the first part of 2011. I hope you'll feel free to drop over to the blog and Facebook Page - and perhaps, just perhaps - participate in the journey.

Now, I return you to the regularly scheduled blogging here at Kim' Korner.

Garrison Keillor - Winston Salem, NC

Last evening I took advantage of a rare opportunity to enjoy one of the best story tellers of our generation, Garrison Keillor. The master of A Prairie Home Companion and troubadour of Lake Woebegone, Garrison Keillor knows how to weave a tale.

The Steven's Center was a delightful venue for the event. The stage front was set with a simple table, stool and microphone stand. Denise Franklin of our local public radio station, WFDD, offered a simple and respectful introduction of Mr. Keillor that set the stage complete with understated anticipation.

What followed was a well measured unleashing of humor, poignancy and inspiration as the baritone voice of Garrison sung and spoke story into our hearts. His humor was masterfully crafted right down to the black suit and white shirt that playfully gave way to a red tie, socks and sneakers: classic Keillor - refined and established tradition with a splattering of irreverence.

I had two take a ways this night: 1. Garrison's description of marriage as "A life time sentence to a relationship with your best informed critic." You have to love this. My wife and I looked at each other with instant agreement and bursting laughter. 2. The art of story is a dying art and if we lose this wonderful form of communication, if the digital snippets of media that bounce in and out of our awareness each day manage to capture so much of our attention that we no longer have the time or craving for the well turned phrase and a rambling illustration...then life will be diminished beyond reclamation.

If you have not had the pleasure of basking in the mastery of story as it is delivered - no, performed - by Garrison Keillor then reach out into this digital, instant gratification world and GET YOU SOME well paced, long rambling, heart stroking, laughter generating, life adoring STORY.

Singularly Tattooed

 In the world of body art, I stand among the minority.  I am told that there are fewer people on this planet with 1 tattoo than there are people with none and multiples.

I have just the one, and one day - if you are really lucky - I'll tell you my "the day I got my tattoo" story... maybe.

Do you have a tattoo? Tattoos?

We Feel Fine - Really!? Honestly?!

Want to "see" what is being felt around the world last year, or even in your city today? This is an amazing tool and worth a few minutes to explore.

Drop over to "We Feel Fine" and take a look at the feeling of others... maybe even yourself.

You know you're getting old when...

It seems I'm having more and more conversations lately that begin with "I remember when...."

The latest vivid memory is of Major Matt Mason - Man in Space. I spent hours upon hours playing in the back yard with these toys, imagining space aliens, explosions and victories over evil monsters. Even with the occasional interruption to "wash-up for dinner," my days were all the time all the way Major Matt Mason!

Snake In The Grass

A few weeks ago, I was alerted by two painters (from the wonderful folks at Hassle Free Home Improvements) that there was a snake in my shrubbery.  I'm find of most snakes - they serve great purposes: eating other snakes, moles, mice and rats, for example. However, there is one variety of snake that is not welcome in my yard and this one was one of those. I dislike Copperheads. This one was a beauty - rest his soul.

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