I have forgotten far more than I remember. I guess that it is a common enough experience to forget the many details of one's education. Use it or loose it.

I have been active and present for four years of college and 4 years of graduate studies resulting in two degrees. I have read the works of the giants in many subjects and passed countless exams and produced numerous research papers. There was a time when I cold converse long and detailed in my field of study. I cannot today. I have forgottent the theories, arguements and verbage that I once mastered.

The best I can claim is to have been knowledgeable, to have once dwelt in the circles of mindful scholars.

Today I am very much aware of how much I do not know. Strangely, I do recall someone teaching me once that knowing that you don't know is the beginning of wisdom. So, dare I hold on to the hope that perhaps simply learning through life, even for a forgetful scholar, might lead one to a learning not based on facts and theories, but rather on self knowledge.

Yes, I can claim today to have walked a good distance with my Self. We are well versed in the 'is' of each other.

What is it that is recorded over one entrance to theTemple of Delphi?

"Know thyself"