As much as you do or do not consider yourself an artist, you understand the following – I feel intensely and often, and more often than not my creative expressions are moved by the 'dark side' of my feelings. It is more often struggle, pain, fear, anxiety or despair that will propel itself through me and into the words of these pages. Joyfulness, peace, love, contentment – these are not so demanding of a voice. I am usually content to just feel them. The others, those 'dark side' feelings, I usually want to get them out and go beyond them, so I write. It helps.

If you are wandering around here, this concept of self preservation through expression is important as is the tendency for those expressions to be a bit – well – dark. Strangely enough, if you were to speak to me, even on the days I wrote the darkest words, casting gloom, despair and agony on me (be sure and catch the reference to HeeHaw), I would not appear unusually troubled.

I guess what I am trying to claim here, is that I am a positive and hopeful person. I literally ooze hope and faith. I do. Those overflowings of hope don’t always make it here.

Please accept my apologies for being so one-sidedly creative here, and that is what I do.

Now, follow the rules and leave a comment or else I’ll get depressed and launch into poetry.