The hawks are really out and vocal today. We get this every Spring, a few days when they seem to defy their reputation of being elusive. They soar, gliding from one roost to another. Screaming and taunting each other. It is wonderful to watch.

I remember, as a child, always longing to see birds of prey. We didn't see many. Occasionally when we would travel to the mountains, or more inland areas I would see a large bird soaring in to sky, Too often it was a vulture or raven. Then, sometimes, it wouldn't be. Sometimes it would be a hawk, or a Sea Hawk - gliding on the currents, mastering the skies - waiting to deal death to some unsuspecting prey.

Today, my wife is fond of calling any sighting of a hawk "Hawk Medicine." Her sense of respectful coexistence with birds of prey is almost reverent.

Birds of prey (raptors) are wonderful creatures and often misunderstood. Interactions of almost any kind with humans is perilous to raptors. They are best observed from afar. If you want to learn more about the life and precarious existence of these regal birds, click over here to a brief essay, compliments of Stanford.