Luck doesn't exist. I'm  not a believer in luck in the sense of it being some externally provided leg-up - any fool would succeed with it - contribution to life.  What I do believe in are two very real experiences: Opportunity and Preparation, and if you combine these two you will get something that looks remarkably like LUCK.

Preparation - hard and regular work to develop ability and wisdom. Time practicing, studying and experiencing life-on-life's terms can make us ready for success.  We become able - to mow a lawn in a speedy and immaculate manner (ok so not a real complicated skill, but work with me here).

Opportunity - the availability of a space (time and place) to use one's skills to be successful.  We have a chance - the neighbor  asks us to mow the lawn hours before they return from vacation and have a large party (again, a bit simplified, but you get the idea)

When opportunity meets preparation - as 'luck' would have it you are able to mow the lawn beautifully and subsequently, the head of rapidly growing gardening company attends the party and decides to hire you to train his 100+ member crews - for a nice salary (I know - but it could happen).  Some would say you got lucky - I say opportunity met preparation.

I'm not really saying I don't believe in LUCK - I'm saying we can view it differently. Do you feel lucky, Punk? Well, do you?