A quick series of posts on the 5 things that are "DONT'S" in life, in descending order. I know this for a fact. Let's just leave it at that.

2. Resting the Body and Mind too Seldom.

Studies tell us that we need sleep. For some of us we need 6-8 hours each day of restful, safe sleep. We neglect our body and mind's need for down time and push, push through life consuming artifical stimulants and frantically engaging digital prompts - and along the way we get too tired. We shut down the more creative and liberating moments of ourselves.

Penitence for this overworking of your mind and body is as follows. Shut everything off an hour early tonight. Drink a cup of warm tea and then get your  tired body in a dark comfortable bed and sleep. Do it and come back here for more tomorrow.