My father died in 1964. I was 6 years old. Even though most of my life has been lived in his absence, his life has taught valuable lessons. This 5 part blog series is about those lessons.

1. You can learn from taking things apart

My dad was a tinkerer. Because he rebuilt and repaired watches for a living, he was accustomed to dealing with pieces and parts of things.  He was always taking things apart and sometimes reassembling them to repair them. Sometimes, they just remained in pieces in his workshop.

As I grew I was encouraged by the memories and stories of my dad's repairs and fixes to take things apart. Radios, TVs, Hair Dryers (the kind with the plastic cap), door knobs, toys - nothing was safe around me. I learned from those disassemblies and often would bring broken things home just to dissect them and learn. Sometimes I could make a good something out of two broken somethings. Through this process I learned to be quite handy. I enjoy fixing things.

My philosophy is that if it has screws - it was meant to come apart. Go ahead. Take it apart. What's the worst thing that could happen and I promise you, you will learn something.