My father died in 1964. I was 6 years old. Even though most of my life has been lived in his absence, his life has taught valuable lessons. This 5 part blog series is about those lessons.

3. You need some regular time alone.

My father dug a hole under the house, poured some concrete and laid a few concrete blocks to create a workshop for himself. It was his place and we were not often allowed. I'm sure this was partly because of the many pieces and parts (see #1 below) too valuable and/or dangerous for children's hands. As time has passed, I came to know that this was also his place of solitude. When dad went down to his shop we didn't bother him. He would return soon enough and he always seemed happier than when he left.

This was his place of working it out. It was his time alone creating, repairing, and fixing things that refueled him. I think we all need that time away. I know I do.