(see bottom of post for explanation)

Now you are selecting your #FF few and preparing to tweet. If you just in mention them by name and some generic line like - let's see - "Here's @WilliamsKim and you should #FF him" - although it rhymes beautifully (and come to think of it that might make it tweet worthy) it doesn't REALLY tell me why I should. You have all that extra space. We do get a whopping 140 characters to tweet, so don't waste the tweet.

Clean it up! This recommendation was actually given to me by @DHatfiled.  Tell me why I should follow someone. Give me a adjective or verb (you remember those. right?) to describe the tweetworthiness (ok. I made that one up) of your #FF mention. Go ahead. Be kind. You can do it.

Note: Lately #FF has become a post fest... It's insanity tweeple. Can that many people really know and like that many tweeple? All at once? It just feels wrong, phony and bad. Bad tweeple. Bad.

What to do? Options abound.  So we shall have a list. We shall. Let's call it the Clean Up #FF List! It will be a list of 3 (I love talking in rhymes). I'll be posting a daily list of 3 #FF Clean up ideas. Please join me in my quest to clean up #FF!