My last post - the quick post - made reference to the gathering of bloggers in celebration of the recent renovations to the Ronald McDonald House here in Winston-Salem.  My plan WAS to recap the event and focus on the renovations and those whose generosity made it possible. However, one of my new blogging acquaintances, Pickles and Cheese, has done such a fine job of sharing both photos and words along this line, that I'll send you to her post for that information and move on to another task.

Let's meet some bloggers!

I met several local bloggers Saturday and many of them I didn't know. So, I thought I'd share my journey of 'getting to know' some local bloggers with you - because I know how much you want to do everything just like me.

Today let's click over to the Ronald McDonald House blog and meet Watson. Watson isn't your ordinary blogger because he walks on four legs and had fur: Watson is a friendly Bassett hound.  Watson spends his time around the House making friends, organizing the staff and making Laura's life interesting (see Laura excerpted from our bloggers group photo below). Sometimes, he'll even Laura write something for his blog. Click on over to Watson's blog now. Go on. Be a good puppy.

 Laura aka @RHMwinstonsalem

Tomorrow, join me when you discover what A Fierce Beagle is all about (what is it about dogs and blogs anyway?).