Daffodils Hope and Three Little Army Wives

Next on my list of fantastic people I met Last week while gathering with local bloggers at the Ronald McDonald House Renovation Celebration is Katie. I think I scared her when i met her at the door and almost shouted "I think I know you!" I'm prone to creating awkward situations - it's a gift. Sure now that I didn't know her, but someday maybe I'll remember who I thought she was... Anyway, on to Katie and her blogs.

Katie does the 'mommy blog' thing over at Daffodils Hope. She shares freely and creatively about her life as a mom and spouse. Not to take side here, but wow - can you say blond, cute adorable kid!? Katie has also recently started a project over at Three Little Army Wives. I expect you will find some meaningful content (and the scoop on a possible book) over there, as well.

So, what are you still doing here? Click over and tell her Kim said hello!

Be sure and drop in tomorrow for a picnic of Pickles and Cheese!