About a year ago, my wife innocently invited me to do some 'shopping' with her. Being the supportive and mischievous sort, I agreed. Among a number of places we went was Idlewild House. It is an amazing place and if you are ever in the area, do drop by.

As we were getting ready to leave I spotted a small 'stuffed' bird on a shelf and something about it attracted me - powerfully. It was for sale and priced for only a few dollars, so I picked it up and walked with my wife to check out.

Wife - "What are you doing with that?"
Me- "Buying it?"
Wife - "I figured that, but why?"
Me - "It called my name."
Wife - "Oh. I guess you had better get it then"
Me - "That's what I thought. It's cute. I like it."
Wife - "You taking it to your office."
Me - "Maybe. I was thinking about where to put it."
Wife - "I think the office is a good place."

We drove home and the conversation about the bird continued and it was very clear to me that my wife did not want the bird at our home. I decided that our home was exactly where it needed to be.

So, once I got home I found a convenient place on a shelf in the kitchen for it. A day or so later, I noticed it was gone - but just moved to another place in the house. I moved it to yet another place - without saying a word - and thus began a game for us. For nearly a year now the bird has been moved from place to place, alternately by us. We don't say much about it. Sometimes it takes a day for it to be found - sometimes weeks. That little 'stuffed' bird has become an endearing and playful part of our relationship.

It is a good thing I bought it.

Here is where it resides today.

Look closer - yep, there it is.