I started this post with the intent of reiterating the history and purpose of Thanksgiving in an effort to put the meaning of the holiday into perspective. In short, it is delightful to me that as a culture, humans across the world recognize the need to be grateful. There is power in gratitude.

Then I thought I'd do a post on gratitude in genreal and perhaps talk about the under tap resource of personal gratitude on a daily basis - complete with a few catchy sayings and games to play to harness thr 'attitude of gratitude.'

Then I went to Wikipedia - in an innocent search for some basic information on Thanksgiving and Gratitude... and I found this:

I had no idea that Wikipedia was NOT a stand alone, profit center until I got to thinking... there are no ads, no distractions. Just a pure information resource. I value the web and those who make it a productive and useful place. Wikipedia provides more information than any other single source on the web. It is the new (in terms of traditional history) encyclopedia.

So, use whatever evaluation process you require, but take a moment and consider saying "Thank You" to the providers of Wikipedia with a small donation. 

I hope your Thanksgiving is just that: a thanks giving time. Peace.