Chrome is Google's web browser. It has been out for some time now and I've been using it about 3 years. I like Chrome. Why? Well how nice of you to ask... Here are 7 things I like about Google Chrome.

1. Chrome has a radically cool logo. Let's just face it, this is a logo worthy of T-Shirt real-estate.

2. Chrome uses gears which is a cool technology used to make cars  go and, apparently, make browsers more secure with the ability to "run faster and jump higher" (can you guess the ad reference?) while running complex web based apps.

3. Chrome follows me everywhere I go (like a cute puppy) and remembers  my bookmarks and settings on every  computer I use. It's magic that happens when you use the iGoogle login feature and settings.

4. Chrome is taunting the Microsoft Giant and making headway in the industry (see link). Go little Chrome go!

5. Chrome has more personalities than Sybil (historical reference to a popular book/film from the 70s) and can switch designs and layouts with my mood (not that I'm moody or anything).

6. Chrome is perpetually new (insert fountain of youth reference here) issuing  regular updates and fixes.

7. Chrome is open source and what is not to like about open source software?

So, if you're ready for some fresh browser fun, try Google's Chrome.

Wait... there's 8. Chrome just sounds like something you would want more of... Chrome on your car, Chrome for your grill...