When I was growing up, my folks were very BIG on manners. I was taught to be polite, patient and respectful. In short, I was instructed on various behaviors to make me socially acceptable. Lately, the phrase "Socially Acceptable" has come to refer to something altogether different - how we behave on Social Media.

So, I was thinking (a risky venture, yes) about the possible parallels to the instructions I received in my youth about being socially acceptable and those needed today for Social Media. I made a list. You decide.
What I remember from my youth includes:

1. Wait your turn
2. Respect your elders
3. Say please and thank you.
4. Help others
5. Don't talk too much
6. Ask permission
7. Don't push
8. Keep yourself clean and neat
9. Don't make fun of others
10. Don't be greedy

Do you have any others to add to the list? Is there any guidance here for our Social Media behavior?