Today ended with the sun setting undramatically below the western horizon, covered by dense dark clouds hiding all but a momentary brush of the palest rose. In my years I have seen more beautiful sunsets. As soon  as this nonevent concluded, I poised for a life time first.Turning 180 degrees, toward the eastern sky, I stood watching, waiting.

The pier at Garden City, SC has been a haunt of mine for many years. I grew up a few miles from this spot and more recently I visit here when traveling 'home' to see my parents. I've passed many mornings sipping coffee and watching the day begin here, as those gathering to fish and sun begin their day. Tonight the wind is brisk and the crowd thin on Garden City Pier. Those of us who have come to brave a cool evening have done so unseasonably early - normally waiting for the warmer nights of late spring and summer for an evening walk upon the pier. But tonight all the news is a buzz, and even NASA is talking about the Super Moon, This night marks a once every 18 years event when the moon's orbit passes closest tot he earth and is in full reveal.

We stood and faced the east as she appeared, at first a transparent sphere of faint hues, resting perfectly upon the farthest horizon of the sea. As if creeping upward the moon began to grow brighter and in minutes that passed like sleepy thoughts, soon beamed full force and brilliance, casting a road of light along the sea - like an orange jelled spot light upon a stage. And with that, I added another first to my life.

Tonight I watched the moon rise for the first time.