A couple of years ago, I took a creative writing class. One of the techniques we discussed was the idea of scheduling  time to write everyday. The idea is that just as the sculpture needs a block of raw stone from which to create, the writer needs a block of raw words from which to create and develop their craft. I've practiced this technique off and on and have seen it work. Another way to 'see' this is to think of those regular pieces of writing as drops into a pool. Before we can swim we need to fill the tank.

Lately, when I sit to write I often experience something best described as emptiness...a lack of words and ideas. Reflecting on this I wonder this: I often tweet and write status updates when I am struck by a creative thought or idea that I think is worth sharing. Once it is shared, I tend to move on to the next thought. So, I wonder, does the instant sharing of nuggets of creative writing via Social Media rob the the creative mind of the inspirational pressure of accumulated ideas? Do we keep our vessel empty?

Have you ever experienced this?