I am a big fan of Dropbox. Drop Box is an online storage and file management system. Your account is free and comes with 2 GB of free storage.

By downloading the free software, your PC or Laptop is connected to the Dropbox 'cloud.' When you save a file to your local folder, a copy is saved in the 'cloud.' Each time you log on to your computer, the files in your folder are synced. Here's where it gets fun. Download Dropbox on another computer or get the free app for your mobile device and your saved files are synced and accessible from every device. I can even access everything from the web using most any browser and my account log-in information.

Dropbox also allows you to create public folders to share your files with others. Have a large file that is a problem to email? Place it in Dropbox and then simply share the link to it with a friend.

Feel free to visit Dropbox and take it for a spin!