If you have ever purchased promotional products, you know the horror of printing it wrong. Some time in the past, my employer had some new coffee cups printed. It was an exciting time because the company had just re-branded. After years of being known as Beyond Email, the brand had come to need a makeover and became BĒM (note the symbol over the E) - pronounced BEAM.

So the coffee cups were printed, sporting the new name and the bright green and charcoal colors and delivered - only to discover that the little ¯ over the E was missing. The error was corrected by the printing company and new mugs sent over. Then the misfit mugs were assigned residence in the office cupboard to be used internally by the staff. Enter today's coffee mug.

I was new to the company and wanted to take a mug home to give to my wife. Hey - I'm proud of where I work. It made sense to me to take one of the misfit mugs and save the 'good' ones for our clients. However, the owner of the company intervened and insisted I not only take my wife one of the good mugs, but that I take her one packaged in a clear box with green confetti and M&Ms.

It was a small gesture, but it meant a lot. In a small way she was saying - you and your family are worth more, valued, and I want you to know it.

Today and every time I find this cup at my morning table, I am reminded of that small - but significant - act of affirmation. Sometimes, we are at our best in the small things.