Some people are kind of crabby first thing in the morning. I remember my mother was (well, still is) one of those people. While most of the time my mother was one of the kindest, patient and loving people you would ever meet – not before she had had her morning coffee and cigarette.  The creature that preceded her caffeinated self was the very definition of “not a morning person." So ominous was her uncharacteristically grumpy self that my older brother got in the habit of perking the coffee for her each morning in hopes of hastening the process of her transformation to our loving mom.

Today’s Sunday Coffee Cup comes to us courtesy of my youngest step-daughter.   She returned from a beach trip one summer with this gift.

Although I pretty sure it was simply the obligatory gift for her mother (yes I did just say that), I have enjoyed it over the years as a reminder of my own mother’s Jeckle and Hyde morning coffee transformation – it makes me smile.