Share and share alike? Ha!

I don’t know about other men, but around my house I do exactly what I want to do (wait for it), just as soon as I find out from my wife what I want to do.

Honestly, my wife runs the home. She always has. I like it that way (repeats to self – “I like it that way”). It works. She has control of the entire house. I get to control the top of my dresser… and the nightstand by my quarter of the bed. Sound fair, doesn’t it? We most things by the proven mantra: “What’s hers is hers and what’s mine is hers too.”
Then there are the coffee mugs (pretty good transition if I do say so myself). I have full run of Sunday Coffee Cup choices. The entirety of the cupboard is my kingdom – except for two specific mugs. Today’s coffee cup is stolen, swiped, hijacked even, from the wife’s forbidden coffee ware.

 So, you can see I’m living on the edge today, taking a walk on the wild side, playing with fire, crushing the boundaries and putting it all on the line. Ha! Devil be dared!  I’m claiming my manhood and the full domain of my dwelling. This is my house!

Well, I have to go. There is just enough time to finish my coffee, wash and dry the mug and place it carefully back in the cabinet before I leave to meet my dear, loving and kind wife for lunch.

Shhhhhh.  You won’t tell, right?