This afternoon, I joined a few hundred people to hear Seth Godin as he conversed with and was interviewed by High Point University President, Nido R. Qubein.

We weren't allowed to take photos with Seth, so I went up to him afterwards, introduced myself and shook his hand. He is a very approachable man. Then at the urging of a rambunctious friend, we took our photo and accidentally captured Mr. Godin in the background.

Two Celebrities and Seth Godin

The conversation was pure Seth and played around, chased, and ran through the need for individuals to take 100% responsibility for their own life and destiny. Seth has said this many ways and his books constantly challenge us as leaders, marketers and business owners to let go of the old perceptions and patterns.

Seth Godin is passionate, focused and constantly asking "What if" and "Why?" My lesson learned from today is that we become what we embrace with our time and energy. If we want to be more creative - spend time around creative folks. If we want to be better at running a business, seek out successful business people.

I'm reminded of the old saying, "If you hang around the barber shop long enough, you're going to get a haircut." Where are we spending our time? What are we becoming?