From Steven King's movies to the battle of iHoles and Androids - The Less Desirables had me going nuts as I sat in on their podcast this week.

Talking music, movies, sports, technology and beer in a no-holes-barred format is the speak of this group. Tim Beeman and Brain Attridge started TLDs about five years ago as the answer to the question "What about talking into a can?" The Less Desirables is growing by clicks and sounds here in the Triad and across the state.

Give one of The Less Desirables' podcasts a listen and if you are willing to settle into the 90+ minutes podcast you'll want to grab a beverage and perhaps a friend and hang on for a whale of a ride! This ain't your grandmother's podcast! I bet you'll quickly be clicking over to grab some of The Less Desirables' SWAG to mark your turf!