Sometimes the pace of life is so swift that it sweeps away ever opportunity for reflection and self-analysis. The stimulus of voices, choices and ideas pour forth like a monsoon deluge, and the deafening stream of life invades me completely. Only the deepest sanctuary of self remains intact, only the most basic of truth dwells secure and I waver, twisting against the torrent of being, at risk of loosing self. Still, the desire to continue is unfaltering, and I risk an even further journey into this mire of self-exertion.


Tonight I am in that place. Yet, just now, I found myself holding my small canine friend, bending over him, embracing his warmth and feeling the softness of his fur against my cheek and the fluff of his ear upon the base of my nose, and in the earthy smell of his being and I was reminded that I am held in the arms of God; safe. I choose tonight, for the next few moments to recline with that knowledge and my familiar upon the sofa. Come what may, I have finished this day and am done with it.