The move here to the Squarespace website/blog platform is complete. You'll now find the website and two of my blogs here. It's a good little platform, and yet, one limitation has me scratching my head... the Squarespace commenting system.


With Squarespace version 6, the website CMS and design functionality took a hefty leap forward.  I was impressed enough with the ease of design and the Blogger import functionality that I was hooked. Then, I discovered that the Squarespace commenting functionality doesn't allow for posters to link to their website or blog. The utility appears to let you log-in via several profile options, and even imports the avatar from that profile, but the hyperlinks aren't captured. It seems one of THE most important features in comment functionality for bloggers is the ability to easily share your own website/blog in the sharing of comments, and as a blogger, it's is just common courtesy to make this as easy as possible. I email SqSp customer service and received this reply:


Hi Kim,

Thanks for getting back to us!

As Marly mentioned in her response, there is currently no option to link back to a website or blog if you’re using Squarespace’s commenting system.

This is certainly a great feature enhancement and we’d be more than happy to pass it along to our developers.

In the mean time, you may be interested in using Disqus for the comments on your blog.
We’ve added a guide for how to enable Disqus for the comments on your blog below:
Let us know if this helps! We’re here and happy to assist.
— Yelena K. Customer Care Squarespace, Inc.

So, until their developers make the change, I've switched to the DISQUS comment format. It is a bit better, and will allow for anonymous 'guest' comments, but will also 'encourage' you to create a DISQUS profile, as well.  

I apologize for the inconvenience, and I promise to implement a more comment friendly system as soon as I can. In the meantime, feel free to use the share button at will!