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Words have a wonderful power to teach, entertain, inspire, and compel. It will always be words, rightly spoken and creatively delivered, that will open new possibilities, or get you in some serious trouble.

Welcome to Kim Williams' Kim's Korner, an open account of one man's life lessons....through observation, reflection and moments of certain confusion. (MORE)

Wishful Preaching

The Kindle book, "Wishful Preaching: Things I Wish I'd Said From The Pulpit", is a little bit of preaching, a dash of irreverence and a healthy measure of humor.

Wishful Preaching is a collection of 12 talks that SHOULD be preached from the pulpit. After 15 years of ministry and a less than pretty exit, Kim Williams become aware that there are a few things "I wish I'd said from the pulpit." (MORE)



Years of failure and success in sales and sales management have equipped Kim Williams with more humor and confusion than one man can contain. Want some?

Need to know about Internet Marketing, Social Media, Sales in the Digital Age or hear a STORY of how a former pastor ends up in the secular business world?(MORE)

Welcome to Kim Williams' website.

Kim is a former pastor living in Winston-Salem, NC. Kim Williams' interest in theology and human psychology and development  makes his writing and blogging relevant to those who enjoy pondering the human condition, especially if they have a sense of humor. 

If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.
— Jimmy Buffett