Hey God
Its’ me.

I can’t do this, not by myself
There are too many, too many
Fires, explosions, parched deserts and silent dreams
There are too many
Wanderers, sorted addictions and pending schemes
Weighing us down
Threatening to steal hope and violate peace

I can’t do this
The burden is too great while
Tears falling on dry soil
Evaporate joy
While empty water jars fill too quickly with
And buckets of despair are terribly heavy

I’m willing to do my part
Tired and afraid as I am

Could you send someone?
Or two?
To walk beside me, encourage me
Maybe even guide me – just for a while?

The miles would seem shorter, at least
In the company of a friend
The weight lighter
When spread across shoulders
And the fear
That fear that taunts me from behind statistics
And speaks thick words of discouragement
That fear
Doesn't linger when
Others are around