Your beauty
Laid out before me

Orange hues wrapped in purple haze
This sky
Brushed upon a palette
By the descending of the sun
Broadcasting the coming night
Filled with hope and promise

Your beauty is laid out for me

A beauty that seeks me
Reaches out and touches my eyes
Causing them to scan for you

A beauty that grazes my thoughts
Hunting for understanding
Beyond knowing the work of light 
Reflecting through prisms
And chemicals reacting in mist
Longing to be known

Your beauty
Laid out before me ready to be known

As in an embrace lovers know
The caress of wonder 
Possibilities of tomorrow
In each gentle sigh
Each brazen kiss

Your beauty
Laid out before me stops 

Longing is left alone
Calm and undisturbed
Even as your wonder
Strikes the lenses of my sight
Nothing but a distant echo

Is heard