I have been tagged so that I may embrace blogging self-centeredness and force the same on others. I will enjoy this. Thank you bellamocha for the tag, and now on to the task.

6 unspectacular quirks of mine

1. Locks – I think locks should be locked and latches latched so I do both regularly (obsessively?).
2. Poetry – when I try to describe my thoughts, ideas, or concepts they naturally come out in poetic images and expressions. It is as natural for me as water cascading over mossen stones... heh.
3. Trilogy – I tend to think of three examples and categories for everything. So doing this list of 6 is like doing it twice as far as I’m concerned.
4. Tall sitting – I am average height (5’7” – ok I’m short) but when I am sitting I tend to be the same height as much taller people. This means my legs are short and the rest of me is tall.
5. Questions – I love asking questions, especially when it is in response to a question. My colleagues and family find this habit aggravating. I like it – the habit and their aggravation.
6. Attitude – I am courageously committed to the belief that my attitude does in fact decide my life’s path. It isn't that I don’t sometimes feel sad, negative, and disparate – and I believe it is my responsibility to manage my outlook and that my success is directly proportional to how well I do just that.

Taggage – I tag Dena, Monica, Paige, Mr. Althouse, Addict and Simonne.

Here are the rules from Bellamocha:

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Have a great day!