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Local Bloggers to Gather to Support Ronald McDonald House


Host: The Ronald McDonald House of Winston-Salem
Location: The Ronald McDonald House, 419 South Hawthorne Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27103
When: Saturday, September 11, 10:00AM to 11:30AM
Phone: 336-723-0228 x 38
Please join us and meet other Carolina Bloggers for breakfast & a tour of the new 17,000 sq. ft. expansion!

We are opening 18 more bedrooms to out-of-town families with sick children being treated at local hospitals.
Come tour our home away from home for families and spread the word about the Ronald McDonald House of Winston-Salem!

More Info Here :

5 Blogging Pet Peeves

1. Scrabbled layout: When I arrive at your blog there are several items I look for to get started – Your post section, blog roll and social sharing buttons. When these are scattered all over and up and down the page among awards, ads, animated links and widgets – I get distracted and often click on by. Please don’t hide the comment link. I prefer it at the bottom of the post so I can click on it after I read.
2. Random comment log-ins: Use at least one of the proven log-ins for leaving comments or give me the option to enter my info. Please don’t require me to use one and only one means of logging in, because if you do I probably won’t.
3. Floating ads or banners: I don’t like having something chasing me around on the page while I’m trying to read.
4. Music: Don’t do it. It takes longer for the page to load and if I want to surf the web while listening to music – I prefer to choose my own.
5. Heavy pages: in addition to music, having hundreds of animations, gifs. Widgets, social feeds and uncompressed picture photos make loading your site slow and aggravating. Don’t just add the latest greatest widget without deleting some old stuff. The only thing worse than a cluttered blog is one that is cluttered and loads slowly – I won’t linger.

I’m done whining now…

Top 5 Places NOT to Tweet

As much as I love twitter and as often as I feel compelled to share real time thoughts, data, experiences and feelings with my Tweeple - there are just some places and times NOT to Tweet.

I only mention this because I have either wanted to or know someone who has...

1. A Funeral - Can you imagine the grave-side tweet? "The casket is almost in the ground. Off to Star Bucks in 15"

2. Church - "This sermon is powerful and long! " - Please! Leave the smart phone at the door. It is WAY too distracting and downright rude to have a phone interrupt a sacred moment and there are times when we should unplug from technology to be with one another and the Divine.

3. Cinema - "OMG! Taylor Lautner just took his shirt off!" Really? Can't your commentary on New Moon wait until after you've watched the entire movie and I don't have to be blinded by your phone screen?

4. Theatre - True confession. I did tweet during the intermission of a play I attended recently, and I SO wanted to share some of the laughter from the musical comedy as it happened - but really, should I?

5. During Sex - I promise you - someone has, or at least tweeted as such. I don't even want to know how or WHY!?

So, what would you add? Has your tweeting gone too far? Gotten you in "twouble?"

When Bloggers Blog

Bloggers' Words

words on my screen
tokens of life well lived
speaking of actions, attitudes
options for living

words of one's journey
signs, revealing and deep
challenging me to thrive, live
choose to grow

words launched into timeless space
floating in e-land, wandering
coming home and sinking deep
settling as my heart

words from you, my friend.

Sharing the Green Thing Today - My St. Patrick's Day Post

Abigial Harenberg is on a quest - 365 Self Portraits this year, one every day. Check out her flickr record here. She has promised me a special photo for St. Patrick's Day so be sure in click over to see what she came up with.

Stay in touch by following her on Twitter or vis Her website.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

For more St. Patty's Day Fun - see previous post, but then, "where's the green in that?!"

Top 10 Ways to Play on St. Patrick's Day

If you are not Irish and you don't drink, what is the point of St. Patrick's Day? Really.
Although one could argue that the day is intended to remind us of the success of the historical St. Patrick's success in advancing Christianity on Ireland - the practical connection is completely lost. For me, it is a good topic for a blog post...

So, how about these Top 10 Ways to Play on St. Patrick's Day?

1. Wear green - creatively. Don't just wear a little pin on your lapel, or a green blouse - get creative. Wear a hat, sport a bow-tie, or dye your eye brows green.
2. Offer green M&M's to people all day (and then whisper "They're not really M&Ms - after they eat them)
3. Write Green - Use a green pen for everything you write that day, or change your email font color to green.
4. Randomly ask people "Where's the green in that?" in response to anything they say.
5. Post "Have you seen my leprechaun?" on all of your Social Media statuses.
6. Send a FTD Shamrock bouquet to your boss (or at least call the florist and try)
7. Ask people to tell you difference between a clover and a shamrock and then reply with #4 above.
8. Rank everything on a 1-5 Shamrock scale and announce your rating - everywhere! "Yeah baby! I'm talking 5 Shamrocks!"
9. Just say "Shamrock" every chance you get. It's fun to say. All together now - SHAMROCK!
10. Provide a #10 for this list in the comments...

The Top 9,009 Numbers for Lists and How to Use Them

The Top 9,009 Numbers for Lists

Here is my detailed analysis on the topic. After years of research (read "time spent reading") top 10, 20, 3, and 5 lists for countless theories, techniques, processes, and approaches I have come to the following conclusion - one that will certainly simplify and increase your success at list making. So, here are the top 9,009 numbers for lists and how to use them.

Approach #1 - start with the number 1 and then number each item on your list consecutively until you reach 9,009.

Approach #2 - start with 9,009 and order your list in descending order until you reach the #1 (and often most important) item on your list.

And there you have it! The Top 9,009 numbers for lists and how to use them!

(in case you haven't noticed, lists are very big these days and I wanted to write a post about lists - tongue firmly planted in cheek. Did you really think this would be a list of 9,009 items?)

5 Things I Want You - Bloggers to Know

If you are a blogger you should know that...

1. Your blog probably means more to me, than you know.

2. If you comment here, I will visit your blog.

3. Comments are the sustenance of my blogging existence.

4. I come to your blog for your writing, not ads.

5. If you want linkage, just ask.

Technorati Blog Claim and Listing

So, for your information, it took the folks over at Technorati from November 11th until January 16th to approve and list my blog. I’m just saying…

Kim's Korner: A Place for Words
Jan 16, 2010. Congratulations, you claim is now complete! Your site should appear in search results within 24 to 48 hours.

5 Potential Blogging Topics

Christmas has barely gone, but with its exit it has taken my daily posts on Top Holiday Memories. I do hope you have enjoyed all 25 episodes.

Now I am faced with the decision of the topic for the next few post. I have several ideas, but I would like to give a moment or two here to listen to anything you might suggest. I will tell you a few things that have been on my mind, but don’t feel limited to pick one – suggest your own…

1. Family Memories – I have a very interesting (read dysfunctional) family and the way I often remember and tell my version of the truth does make people laugh – if in disbelief.

2. Original Stories – I use to create stories to use as both child’s time and for sermon illustrations years ago when I was a pastor (if that surprises you, you haven’t been to my bio page – oh the horror!)

3. Spiritual Observations Reflections – I often find spiritual lessons in simple daily events/objects and sometimes write those down (you know “Life is like a box of chocolates – and all that.”)

4. Poetry – I write poetry – kind of. I feel certain emotions through words and often jot those down. They make sense to me, but I wouldn’t expect them to ‘stand up’ to real poetic analysis. They also tend to be more dark and brooding – like music in a minor key.

5. Yoga – I’m taking my first Yoga class starting January 21st. I know I will learn much and have many thoughts about this experience. It might be fun to share those, but I don’t want this to become a Yoga blog… (you know, like when those runners start blogging about their running time and marathons, and gear and such – Hi Dena!!)

That’s about it. You thoughts are most welcome…