I have a theory. Women Christmas shop. Men Christmas hunt. That is the way it should be.

This past Saturday, I took my list and went hunting for those items. My goal- kill something and bring it home.

The way I see it, I'm programed to hunt. If I need meat - I go out and look for meat. If it is made out of meat, I kill it and bring it home. Done. Same goes for Christmas hunting. I needed several specific gifts and if it doesn't smell, look, act, and taste like one of those gifts - it doesn't matter.

The end result is that it took only a few hours to complete my hunting. No browsing. No scoping out the potential additional gifts. Killed. Dead. Done. I did stop for another moment at the 42" plasma TVs. Sigh.

Then came the wrapping. Need I even expound on the wonder of pre-printed gift bags? Drop, tug, done.

I love Christmas.