If you are not Irish and you don't drink, what is the point of St. Patrick's Day? Really.
Although one could argue that the day is intended to remind us of the success of the historical St. Patrick's success in advancing Christianity on Ireland - the practical connection is completely lost. For me, it is a good topic for a blog post...

So, how about these Top 10 Ways to Play on St. Patrick's Day?

1. Wear green - creatively. Don't just wear a little pin on your lapel, or a green blouse - get creative. Wear a hat, sport a bow-tie, or dye your eye brows green.
2. Offer green M&M's to people all day (and then whisper "They're not really M&Ms - after they eat them)
3. Write Green - Use a green pen for everything you write that day, or change your email font color to green.
4. Randomly ask people "Where's the green in that?" in response to anything they say.
5. Post "Have you seen my leprechaun?" on all of your Social Media statuses.
6. Send a FTD Shamrock bouquet to your boss (or at least call the florist and try)
7. Ask people to tell you difference between a clover and a shamrock and then reply with #4 above.
8. Rank everything on a 1-5 Shamrock scale and announce your rating - everywhere! "Yeah baby! I'm talking 5 Shamrocks!"
9. Just say "Shamrock" every chance you get. It's fun to say. All together now - SHAMROCK!
10. Provide a #10 for this list in the comments...