The Top 9,009 Numbers for Lists

Here is my detailed analysis on the topic. After years of research (read "time spent reading") top 10, 20, 3, and 5 lists for countless theories, techniques, processes, and approaches I have come to the following conclusion - one that will certainly simplify and increase your success at list making. So, here are the top 9,009 numbers for lists and how to use them.

Approach #1 - start with the number 1 and then number each item on your list consecutively until you reach 9,009.

Approach #2 - start with 9,009 and order your list in descending order until you reach the #1 (and often most important) item on your list.

And there you have it! The Top 9,009 numbers for lists and how to use them!

(in case you haven't noticed, lists are very big these days and I wanted to write a post about lists - tongue firmly planted in cheek. Did you really think this would be a list of 9,009 items?)