Sometimes I run across a post floating around in blog land that just hits me the right way and I feel compelled to write in respond. Recently this happened while I was over at Monica's Place. I began a comment and it turned into a poem. Thought I would share it here.

Monica Unwrapped

layers and layers folded upon you
thin, airy fabrics of almost unnoticeable existence
one is nothing, an inconvenience

another layer merely a moment of discomfort
laced together slowly, one by one
wrapping themselves around you

one day the weight is unbearable
one day the discomfort binds you
one day you feel cocooned

time passes
time passes slowly
time passes slowly and you grow

too big for the encasement
too substantial for the drapes of bondage
too complete for holding back


emerge in your time
some of us already see your beauty
and believe

believe in yourself, delicate butterfly
believe, feel the sun
flutter on the breeze and fly…