As much as I love twitter and as often as I feel compelled to share real time thoughts, data, experiences and feelings with my Tweeple - there are just some places and times NOT to Tweet.

I only mention this because I have either wanted to or know someone who has...

1. A Funeral - Can you imagine the grave-side tweet? "The casket is almost in the ground. Off to Star Bucks in 15"

2. Church - "This sermon is powerful and long! " - Please! Leave the smart phone at the door. It is WAY too distracting and downright rude to have a phone interrupt a sacred moment and there are times when we should unplug from technology to be with one another and the Divine.

3. Cinema - "OMG! Taylor Lautner just took his shirt off!" Really? Can't your commentary on New Moon wait until after you've watched the entire movie and I don't have to be blinded by your phone screen?

4. Theatre - True confession. I did tweet during the intermission of a play I attended recently, and I SO wanted to share some of the laughter from the musical comedy as it happened - but really, should I?

5. During Sex - I promise you - someone has, or at least tweeted as such. I don't even want to know how or WHY!?

So, what would you add? Has your tweeting gone too far? Gotten you in "twouble?"