I've been debating this post, and decided (obviously) to write it.

Last year I spoke at the Interfaith Service for the Rotary District 7690 annual conference at Myrtle Beach, SC. My message was received very well and I was asked immediately by the incoming District Governor if I would commit to speaking again this year. I accepted.

As it happens, we are convening this weekend at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. I'll be speaking Sunday at the Interfaith Service. Last week it was announced that President Obama and his family would be vacationing this week in NC and staying at - you guessed it - The Grove Park Inn.

Currently, I'm plotting on how I can maximize this coincidence to make me famous, or at least create a superb memory. I mean there will no doubt be only a wall or two between me and The President of The United States. That has to be an opportunity - I just haven't figured out exactly how...YET!