1. Scrabbled layout: When I arrive at your blog there are several items I look for to get started – Your post section, blog roll and social sharing buttons. When these are scattered all over and up and down the page among awards, ads, animated links and widgets – I get distracted and often click on by. Please don’t hide the comment link. I prefer it at the bottom of the post so I can click on it after I read.
2. Random comment log-ins: Use at least one of the proven log-ins for leaving comments or give me the option to enter my info. Please don’t require me to use one and only one means of logging in, because if you do I probably won’t.
3. Floating ads or banners: I don’t like having something chasing me around on the page while I’m trying to read.
4. Music: Don’t do it. It takes longer for the page to load and if I want to surf the web while listening to music – I prefer to choose my own.
5. Heavy pages: in addition to music, having hundreds of animations, gifs. Widgets, social feeds and uncompressed picture photos make loading your site slow and aggravating. Don’t just add the latest greatest widget without deleting some old stuff. The only thing worse than a cluttered blog is one that is cluttered and loads slowly – I won’t linger.

I’m done whining now…