Today was my birthday, and in honor of the milestone passing, I thought I would share an age related story from my life this past week. First we have to go back a couple of years...

My wife and I were vacationing in Bermuda when I spotted a T-Shirt that said, "Old Guys Rule." I loved it. As an 'aging man', it was affirming to read those words so proudly displayed. I made a mental note to check out into getting one. Months later, at Christmas I received not only the shirt but a white decal displaying those words.

"Old Guys Rule" turns out to be a bit of a retail movement with hats, shirts, decals, bags, etc. I now own several items sporting that motto. I find it playful, fun and affirming. The decal is displayed on the lower corner of my driver's side windshield. Over the last two years the only comments I have received have been positive. People like it. They seem to "get it" until one morning last week.

I was parked in front of my son's home waiting to pick him up when two woman walked by walking their dogs. One of them started talking to me through my closed car window. I rolled down the window to hear her and she pointed at the decal and asked, "Old Guys Rule?" I smiled and replied, "Yes." She snorted - yes actually snorted - and said, "Not over me they don't!"

What? Is it possible to affirm ANYTHING without offending someone? Well, I'm another year older today and I'm just saying, "OLD GUYS RULE!"