John Cass, over at Pace Communications, has asked for some help to cover the area's Social Media groups and events. I wanted to help, so I drew one of my favorite Groups from LinkedIn - Linking Greensboro. Here's your outpost post, John!

Linking Greensboro is was one of the early Social Media Networking goes Reality Networking groups in the Triad. What is Linking Greensboro? The description from the LinkedIn group says it well.

Created: August 15, 2008 | Other | Members: 2,229
Linking Greensboro NC is a networking group of professionals in the Greensboro Triad area that are interested in growing personally and professionally through networking on LinkedIn. Please Note: To help keep the discussions on track we created Posting Guidelines. Please review the guidelines before posting to the group: What to post: -Discussions or comments related to the local community, events and business topics. What not to post: -Advertising your website or services -Invitations to connect -Announcing that you are looking for a job -Off topic discussions -Disrespectful or abusive comments about another member. .. Please be respectful of other members and have fun.

Linking Greensboro has an informative website and monthly events to allow for face-to-face networking. Local experts are featured as speakers on a variety of topics. Check them out here on LinkedIn.