Are you planning a presentation where Twitter users are likely to be present? Give some thought to what might make your presentation #TweetWorthy.

Here are 10 tips to make your next presentation Tweet Worthy

1. Show the event hash tag throughout the presentation. #ET11, #LWSSept, #BEMedu, etc.
2. Include simple numbered points of information that are stated concisely. Remember, your audience only has 140 characters.
3. Use a short hash tag specific to your presentation even if the event already has one. This will allow users to search for the tweets specific to your presentation in the midst of the Social chatter around a larger event.
4. Make sure your Twitter ID is clearly visible throughout the presentation. I know you're famous, but don't expect tweeple to remember your ID. Here's mine @WilliamsKim
5. Give clear, concise statistics. People will tweet about percentages and numbers.
6. Mention other tweeple attending the event. Heck, even offer a space for people to display their ID. White board anyone?
7. Give permission. Simply tell people "I welcome the use of Social Media during my presentation."
8. Remind people that tweeting is encouraged. Use "You can tweet me on that" instead of "quote me" when emphasizing a critical point. Statements like, "I need to remember to tweet that later," and "That will tweet" can remind folks to keep tweeting.
9. If you mention a person, brand or product during your presentation, display their twitter ID along with the brand, logo, website, etc. You'll be surprised what will happen if people tweet about you talking about other tweeple. Isn't that right @ExactTarget ?
10. Mention attendees, brands and companies on your own Social platforms prior to and after your presentation. Engaging others a a great way to build favor for future presentations - and face it, its the Socially Acceptable thing to do!

So, what do you think? Other ideas? Feel free to use the little buttons below to share with others...I like that sort of thing.