After a few years of using Twitter, I think I’ve discovered a secret code. What Our Tweets REALLY Say!

The Tweet We Send
What We REALLY Mean
@lesseraccount Thanks for the RT!
“Your suck-up has been duly noted. Get back in line”
@godlyaccount Thanks for the RT!
“OMG! You noticed me… please, please do it again. Please!”
@newaccount Thanks for the follow
“Yes. I know you worship me. Get back in line”
@Celebrity Thanks for the follow
“LOOK AT ME!!! I’m somebody now!”
RT @you @somebody2 @somebody3 @afriend #FF people
“I do this for you, but I better get some followers and you owe me”
#FF @godlyaccount because they are the bomb, funny and can walk on water
“Yes. I’m sucking up. Getting back in line now.”
#FF @lesseraccount because they are new to twitter, cute and funny
“Ok. Charity done. I pray that they will remember this tweet if they become @godlyaccount”
“A clever, touching, cute quote” – Famous Person
“I can’t really be bothered to think for myself at this moment, but see how smart I am to find good quotes? Follow me now!”
RT @someone “A clever, touching cute quote” – Famous Person
"I can’t even be bothered to source by own quotes, much less create something original. I’m in line."
Current Blog title with LINK
"I've written something and I’m begging you to read it…heck you don’t have to read it just RT it or click on the link. Come on little statistics grow!"
RT of a RT of your Tweet
"Look! Somebody thought I was clever. I’m so clever! What a clever one am I!"
@someone LOOK! This is amazing w/ LINK to something you’re selling