There are things that we own that we never use. Some of these things are too small, relics from days when we were leaner, younger. Some of these things are out of date or fashion (I think I still have a pair of platform shoes somewhere - can you say DISCO!?). These are the things  that have outlived their purpose but for some sentimental reason we hold on to them. Then there are those things that are brand spanking new that we haven't gotten around to using, yet: that serving dish that hasn't seen the right party, the winter sweater bought on sale for next year, or the suitcase that hasn't been needed for a trip. Yes, we are people of abundance and guilty of our own share of hoarding and excess. We have many things we don't use.

This morning's Sunday Coffee Cup was one of those things. It is a small, delicate porcelain cup that barely holds 6 ounces of coffee. It has been shuffled around in the cabinet, jostled by the exit and return of more popular cups and mugs. Countless times I have reach for the diminutive vessel and each time have paused and selected another more practical cup - one that would hold a fair portion for a morning jolt of coffee. It just isn't practical. What is more, it isn't very manly. Look at it - all flowery and dainty - daring me to position my fingers in high society posture, pinky extended -  to sip with refined elegance.

Still - time and this dang blog series has worn me down. As I sorted through the available mugs for today, it was one of the last remaining pieces,  un-blogged and unused. With pinky extended and a full 4-5 ounces of heft, I toast to you this day with flowery porcelain. Gawd.

I need more mugs.